5 Key Parking Solutions for Municipalities

Parking Solutions for Municipalities


Parking may not be the core mission of a municipality, but it is an important piece of the puzzle in keeping a town or city running smoothly. Parking is often the first step of a journey for workers, residents, and visitors. It is critical to ensure that these people start their journey off on the right foot.

In addition, municipal parking departments often have a focus on optimizing their operation and generating revenue. With the right parking solutions in hand, cities and towns can achieve both of these goals while also providing a positive customer experience. Continue reading to learn about some of the most important parking solutions that municipalities should implement.

Convenient Payment Options

Consumers want payment options. In today’s marketplace contactless is front of mind because it is fast, convenient, and helps create peace of mind. It is imperative to offer your parkers touchless payment options, such as mobile payments or tap-to-pay. These will help you operate efficiently, maintain high safety standards, and protect payment data.

However, it is also important to offer cash and/or coin payment options for your customers that may not have a smartphone or credit/debit card. Multi-space pay stations are a great way to provide this service while also minimizing capital expenditures compared to single-space meters.

Data-Driven Parking Software

Data-driven backend software empowers parking managers and field staff to make informed decisions that increase efficiencies, productivity, and the bottom line. Look for a platform that delivers insight through interactive metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting. This will help meet the needs of all users in your organization, from simple reporting to advanced analytics.

Turnkey Enforcement with LPR Options

It is imperative that enforcement occurs in real-time, and information is critical to all enforcement processes. Having an intelligent and intuitive system for issuing, tracking, and improving the efficiency of ticket issuance ensures that your department will always know where your revenue and compliance generating programs stand. Plus, utilizing mobile, fixed, or automatic license plate recognition can increase your enforcement efficiency by 10- to 20-fold.

Robust Permit Management

For municipalities that offer parking permits, it is important that your parking software offers robust permit management capabilities. Leading platforms provide the ability to manage and sell a wide variety of permit types, such as residential, temporary, contractor, motorcycle, and more. Additionally, look for a permitting solution that communicates with your handheld enforcement devices in real time.

Outsourced Citation Collections

Collecting on unpaid citations can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor for municipalities. Outsourcing citation collections to an experienced and trusted vendor can help improve collection rates and maximize revenue. Doing so will also help your parking staff focus on other areas of your operation and work more efficiently. Look for a vendor that is certified, treats your parkers with respect, and can show proven results.


All of the above parking solutions for municipalities can be found with T2. Our industry-leading software, hardware, and services provide all the tools and technology cities and towns need to manage parking and mobility. For more information on what T2 has to offer cities and towns of all sizes, visit our Municipalities webpage or try out our solution configurator.


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February 22, 2022