6 Things That Make T2 MobilePay Different

Mobile parking payment with T2 MobilePay

Bric Fraser, Sales Manager – MobilePay


You work hard to attract customers, build your brand, and generate revenue. With third-party mobile parking payment solutions, you may be giving away control of your customers, minimizing your brand value, and losing out on revenue they retain from transaction fees. While they provide a great service to parkers, are they a great option for you?

T2 MobilePay, powered by TEXT2PARK, gives you complete and total control of your parking operation while providing your parkers a simple and convenient way to pay for parking on their smartphones. Keep reading to learn six things that make T2 MobilePay different from other mobile parking payment solutions.

Always App-Free for Instant Adoption

T2 MobilePay creates instant mobile payment adoption for your parking operation. The barrier of downloading or updating an app or creating an account has been broken down, so the parker can simply pay and be on their way. Plus, the browser-based interface is easy for parkers to revisit during the parking session, either by opening their web browser or referring back to the text message they received with the embedded link.

Charge and Keep Convenience Fees

MobilePay gives you complete freedom when it comes to charging your customers a convenience fee. You get to decide if you want to charge a convenience fee or not. You also get to decide the amount of the convenience fee. And to top it all off, you get to keep 100% of that fee. This flexibility can be used to offset credit card processing charges or even become an additional source of revenue for your parking operation.

QR Code Optional

How the parker enters into a parking session is completely up to you. You choose a custom, alphanumeric text code specific to each of your parking locations. You can also add an optional location specific QR code. Both of these methods will direct the parker to start a parking session on their mobile browser.

T2 Iris Software

T2 Iris is traditionally known as an industry-leading, cloud-based software used to manage your fleet of multi-space pay stations. However, Iris also integrates seamlessly with T2 MobilePay to provide the same great features, such as data visualization, customizable dashboards, key performance metrics, and flexible reporting.

Extensive Integrations

T2 Iris offers existing integrations with most third-party mobile payment applications and enforcement solutions, in addition to MobilePay. This creates one centralized dashboard to access real-time payment data, enforcement, consolidated reporting, and mobile reconciliation for ALL of your transactions. Additionally, transactions started with MobilePay can be extended at a T2 Luke Pay Station.

Centralized Rate Management

T2 offers a centralized rate management system to easily configure rates for all your mobile payment platforms, including T2 MobilePay and many leading third-party providers. Our easy-to-use, web-based application features an intuitive calendar-based scheduler, providing a single interface for all your mobile payment rate and rule definitions. On the back end, all your mobile payment channels must communicate with the system to get the rates you have set before allowing a customer to purchase parking, giving you complete control.


For more details on the features of T2 MobilePay and how it can benefit your operation and your customers, visit our MobilePay webpage or contact us today.


Bric is the Sales Manager for T2 MobilePay. He joined the T2 sales team in 2019 and has over 19 years of experience in the parking industry. Bric’s considerable sales and business background has been gained while working within different parking sectors in diverse roles and working with clients across multiple states. He brings a unique operational perspective to the role and is well positioned to assist customers in planning effective solutions for their parking operation.



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February 8, 2022