Employee Spotlight: Amy Metzger

T2 has some of the brightest minds in the parking industry, and each employee brings a unique set of talents and experiences to the table. We thought you might like to learn more about these talented individuals. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll get to know one employee each month. This month we talked to Amy Metzger, a Sr. Technical Writer and Business Analyst.

Amy MetzgerWhere did you grow up?

I grew up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. (Yes, the cities of Champaign and Urbana, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are all T2 clients.)

What drew you to working in technical writing?

I fell into it. I was looking for work after finishing graduate school, and a friend of mine had a position open as a Technical Instructional Designer with his consulting company. He was a great mentor. I’d always enjoyed teaching, and I discovered that communicating technical content to a non-technical audience was lots of fun.

How did you end up in the parking industry?

After a few years, a move to Colorado, another consulting company, and a move back to the Midwest, I was once again looking for work. T2 had an opening for a Technical Writer. Once I read Blake Laufer’s parking blog, I knew parking was going to be fascinating.

What do you do as a Sr. Technical Writer and Business Analyst for T2?

I write customer-facing documentation for the Flex product suite. This includes Flex Online Help and lots of Knowledge Base content, like installation guides and release notes, FlexPort workflows, Enforcement App, Field Services App, FlexVal Mobile, and so on and so forth. How do I get there? Meetings, so many meetings…and reading lots of requirements and Jira tickets, and most of all, talking with developers, quality assurance, product managers, and any subject matter experts I can find. I haven’t been as involved in the business analysis side of things lately, but my specialty was requirements writing. If you’ve looked into strict inventory control in Flex, for example, you’re seeing the results of some of my requirements writing. Try not to judge!

What’s something that you think people don’t know about parking that you find interesting?

It’s a lot like inventory control. I found inventory control really interesting when I worked at Caterpillar, and never imagined there’d be crossover into parking.

What do you enjoy about working at T2?

T2 people are great. The collegiality and the no-blame-game culture are so important.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Nothing. My life is an open book. 😉



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December 1, 2020