6 Reasons to Visit the New T2 Website

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In case you missed it, our new website went live last week! While the URL is the same, everything else is new and improved. The new site brings the T2 brand to life by featuring the strong relationships we have with each other and our customers. It’s about the family-like appeal and strong community that come with working for or partnering with T2 and, as a customer, entrusting your business with T2.

In addition to humanizing the T2 brand, T2Systems.com now has a more contemporary design that positions T2 as a provider of technology-enabled software and hardware solutions. The site is also much easier to navigate, with fewer menu options and less clicks to get to the information you’re looking for.

Continue reading for more details on what’s new with T2Systems.com.

Same Brand, New Look

While the visual aspects of the T2 brand – such as our logo, fonts, and primary colors – are still the same, the new website takes things to the next level. Click around the site and you’ll see new yellows, greens, and blues that have been underutilized in the past, as well as new imagery and graphical elements. Watch for this new look to make its way into other areas of T2!

Explore Your Community

We understand that different types of parking operations – universities, municipalities, operators, etc. – have different challenges and needs, and that each of those segments is a smaller community of its own. Our new industries page features an illustrated city map that allows visitors to select and explore their community. From there, they can learn about what T2 has to offer for their operation. Look for this page to be expanded upon in the coming months.

T2 Solutions and Services

We’ve completely revamped our solutions pages to better explain what exactly we do and what the benefits are to a parking operation. Additionally, we’ve added a page detailing our Professional Services offerings. For more information on any of our solutions, contact your Account Manager or Inside Sales Representative. (Or fill out our Contact form if you are not currently a T2 Customer!)

Customer Testimonials

The parking industry is unique in that parking operations are very collaborative, often reaching out to one another for advice and suggestions. This is what makes the T2 Community so strong, and it’s also why we’ve included quotes from our customers throughout the new site. When somebody is coming to our website to learn more about our solutions and who we are as a company, who better to tell them than our customers?

Improved Resources Page

The Page Formerly Known as the T2 Blog is now the T2 Resources page, and includes blogs, case studies, employee spotlights, webinars, and more. A menu on the left-hand side of the page allows you to filter by category, helping you more easily find what you’re looking for.

Get to Where You Need to Go

The menu bar along the top of the page has quick links to the resources our current customers use most. Easily access the T2 Customer Community to ask questions, find solutions, and collaborate with your fellow T2 customers. An all-new Support page has details on the different ways to contact T2’s Support team, as well as who to go to for escalations.



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November 24, 2020