Why You Should Attend Connect 2020



Connect 2020 is going virtual! With the unforeseen circumstances COVID-19 has brought upon the globe, T2 Systems has made the difficult decision to make our annual user conference virtual. We made this decision with the best interest of our customers and employees top of mind. Although we will not be physically in the same place, T2 Systems is committed to giving the best experience possible through Virtual Connect.

Connect is a great opportunity to learn about where the parking, mobility, and transportation industry is headed while gaining knowledge about the latest technology T2 has to offer. The specifically catered insights and skills you’ll gain from T2 experts and fellow parking professionals will help you excel at your job. Continue reading for answers to your questions on why you should attend Virtual Connect 2020.

Where is the industry headed?

We understand that the industry, due to the current global conditions, is changing rapidly. This is the perfect opportunity to learn and understand where the industry is headed and how we are adjusting to the current market needs. Additionally, T2 Systems is working hard to produce solutions to help move your operation forward through these unprecedented times, such as “touchless” functionality and contactless payment options. T2 aims to provide our customers with the best innovations.

Will there be training opportunities?

T2 has lots of knowledge that we are excited to share with our attendees. Connect 2020 will feature over 20 sessions you can choose from to build your own custom schedule, tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we are offering three full-day workshops for a more intensive training experience. Although Virtual Connect will not provide the same hands-on experience as years past, you will still come away with valuable insights and skills that will benefit you in the post-COVID world. Plus, Connect provides you the opportunity to offer ideas and feedback on how T2 can improve and evolve our solutions to better serve your operation.

What networking opportunities will be available since the event is virtual?

Even though Connect is virtual this year, we will still be offering opportunities to connect with T2 staff and other customers. We know it won’t be the same, but we hope our customers will take advantage of the opportunities that are given. One way to connect with others will be through roundtable discussions. These roundtables will provide an opportunity to speak up about the different sessions you have attended and ask questions that have been left unanswered. Additionally, the end of each day will include a fun networking opportunity. During this time, you will have the opportunity to win prizes and connect with T2 staff and fellow attendees.

What will I gain from a virtual event?

We realize the event looks completely different this year, and we understand that customers may have reservations about attending. We want to assure you that the event this year will still be entertaining, professional, informational, and most importantly FUN!


We are working hard to deliver the best virtual event, and we can’t wait to see you there!



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August 18, 2020