Innovation Drives UBC Parking


At T2, we know that satisfied customers makes for good business and even more so when it comes to parking. This is why it is our goal to make your customers love you. So, imagine how much your customers would love you if the average wait time to enter or exit a facility was 40 seconds. Better yet, imagine if a 45-minute wait to park or leave was a common occurrence. Let’s just say, their love would be tested. Thankfully, the University of British Columbia no longer has to deal with such realities after fully adopting T2’s gateless solution.

Using Luke pay stations in combination with License Plate Recognition (LPR) equipment and a virtual permit program, UBC drastically reduced or eliminated wait times, improved customer service, and decreased its carbon footprint from idling customers. The university also enjoyed the added bonus of a capital savings of more than $4 million without any lost revenue. Not bad, right? In fact, these improvements were so remarkable that the National Parking Association recognized UBC as the 2015 Innovative Organization of the Year. Learn more about UBC’s success story to see how you can improve your customer’s satisfaction one solution at a time.


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September 24, 2015