Danny McConaha, Flex Sales Consultant


T2 Flex is the parking industry’s most robust, configurable parking operations software. Flex enables operations to manage and control every aspect of their parking, from permits to citations and everything in-between. However, there is a lot to learn within Flex, whether you’ve been using the software for a year or a decade. You may be wondering whether you’re getting the most out of the software, especially as parking operations look to operate more efficiently and generate more revenue. Below are some capabilities in Flex that can help you increase both efficiency and revenue without any additional subscriptions.

Shorter Permit Options

Things have changed for many parking operations over the past year. With many people working remotely, customers are looking for different parking options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly permits.

Do you need assistance in setting up these shorter permit options for your parkers? A brief scope and project with our Flex Managed Services team could get this configured for you.

System Integrations

One of the keys to operating more efficiently is to have systems that integrate with each other. For example, a payroll system that talks to your permit management system to deduct permit purchases directly from an individual’s paycheck.

Do you need Flex to communicate with another system? All it takes a simple file export and/or file import. A scope and project with our Professional Services team could get this set up for you with no additional subscriptions.


Reporting is key to any parking operation. Understanding and leveraging your data will help you manage more efficiently and make informed decisions, which in turn will help you generate more revenue.

Do you want to gain a better understanding of the reports available in Flex? Do you need assistance setting up new or customized reports to better fit your operation? In addition to finding a library of reports on the T2 Customer Community, you can work with Flex Managed Services to improve your reporting.

Talk to A Flex Expert

Do you have an idea for your Flex system but need some time to discuss with a Flex expert? Are you doing something outside of Flex that could possibly be brought into Flex? Flex Managed Services can help with a short consultation.


If you are interested in setting up any of these Flex capabilities, reach out to your Account Manager or a Flex Sales Consultant. For more information on how Flex Managed Services can help your operation, download this information sheet.


Header photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash