Get to Know T2: Nikki Foust


In Get to Know T2, we ask a T2 employee to share some insights about their role (and help you put some faces with names).

In this edition, meet Nikki Foust!

What drew you to T2?

Desire to get more exposure, challenging environment, and to be part of a team that works on the product.


What is your job at T2?

I am an Application Architect and my main job is to research new technology, design applications, work with Development to create the application, and always be looking at ways to make our products better.


How do you connect with customers as part of your job?

In my job I normally don’t interact much with customers, but when I do it’s to bridge the gap between their requirements and the technical implementation OR they are curious and want to understand the technology behind our applications/services.


What’s a fun fact you’d like to share about yourself?

When I was young, I did not travel much — so now I am making up for that with a yearly a) road trip within the USA and b) international trip to a new country. So far I’ve made it all the way East and all the way West of the United States and to 5 other countries.



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April 11, 2018