Flex 15.2 is Now Generally Available


We have stuffed a lot into Flex 15.2, and we’re proud to share what’s coming for our customers. In this release, we have included updates to a number of areas:


FlexPort: You spoke—we listened. An ecommerce tool needs to reflect the times, and we have delivered a modern, streamlined, and mobile friendly solution for you. Read more about the updates to FlexPort in this blog post.


PCI 3.0: In T2’s hosting environment, the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements necessitated changes to how we handle configuration for FlexPort integrations with Internet Payment Gateways (IPGs). You will see changes in how you access these configuration settings.


Flex Look, Workflows, and Support for New Browsers: The look and flow of Flex and the framework around which it was initially designed have a long history. In preparation for potential changes and to properly prepare for new browser technologies, we’ve been working (and continue to work) on developing updated foundational elements that will pave the way for more visible changes in the future. While these foundational updates don’t impact what you see now, they are essential to support changes you will definitely notice over the next 12-18 months.


PermitDirect: The foundational code for PermitDirect also has a long history. While not a very visible product, PermitDirect is critical to many T2 customers—and was starting to reach an advanced-age in technology years. We have reinvigorated code for this solution, and it is ready to serve permits up for many years to come.


Citation Pay-Now: Want people to pay sooner—make it easy! From a smartphone, a violator can pay a citation by simply scanning the QR code on the ticket, then entering their payment information. No app download needed. No typing in a long web address or citation info required. Scan, pay, done!


Database Migrator Tool: Flex databases are complex and large. Migrating them to new versions takes effort. For self-hosted customers, this is a difficult reality. This process will now be easier, smoother, and subject to fewer opportunities for human error.


Lot Full Sign: Which lots/levels are full? Now you can automatically inform your parkers using Flex to update lot full signs – using either Flex PARCS or AutoCount for Flex.


PARCS Financials: Flex PARCS transactions can be confusing to trace in certain circumstances. We have taken initial steps in this release (with more to come) to simplify how one tracks transactions that don’t complete properly between all parts of the system.


Third-Party Enhancements: Building on what we delivered last fall, we have now provided better visibility and controls over receipts and invoices, as well as more automated third-party management.


PARCS Remote Updater: Would you like to upgrade your PARCS equipment without having to touch it? After you upgrade to 15.2, your future upgrades involving firmware on cashier stations, APS, and credit card entry/exit stations will be completed automatically.


See release notes in the T2 Knowledge Base for details and considerations regarding the items above. 


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July 16, 2015