Employee Spotlight: Khuspal Liversidge

T2 has some of the brightest minds in the parking industry, and each employee brings a unique set of talents and experiences to the table. We thought you might like to learn more about these talented individuals. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll get to know one employee each month. This month we talked to Khuspal Liversidge, T2 VP, Product Support.

Khuspal LiversidgeWhere did you grow up?

I was born and raised in London, UK, and moved to Vancouver with my husband and children in 2005.

What drew you to working in customer support?

My degree and MSc were both in the IT field; there were so few women doing IT degrees during that time, that I was paid to do my MSc in Information Systems Engineering. I started my career in IT Support in 1996, which progressed to my position as Help Desk Manager for part of the UK National Health Service (NHS). I have always enjoyed working with customers and getting to the root cause of their technical issues. To work in Customer Support, you have to have the desire to do your best and not give up. I can be pretty stubborn like that, so it suits me well.

How did you end up in the parking industry?

I don’t think anyone specifically sets out to get a job in parking, but once you’re in, you stay for life! I had been doing an MBA program and wanted a position that was relevant so that I could extend my work permit. I applied for a Tech Support position at Digital Payment Technologies and got it. Being new to the country, I didn’t have any Canadian work experience, so I had to start as an entry level Tech. This was a great eye-opener as I progressed through the ranks rapidly, but I was also able to see the processes and procedures at every level. I honestly didn’t intend to stay, but here I am almost 13 years later!

What do you do as VP, Product Support for T2?

As VP, I get to take a strategic view of all aspects of Service Delivery and Service Support and how this translates into tactical actions. I identify areas of improvement, whether this relates to processes within our team, across departments, or with our customers. Continuous improvement is the key. The ultimate goal is to provide a stellar customer experience promptly that helps our customers maximize revenue with minimal impact on their operations. I am heavily vested in T2 Community and developing it into a premium portal that our customers can access. I believe in empowering my team and our customers.

What’s something that you think people don’t know about parking that you find interesting?

I initially had no idea that parking was such a lucrative and technically progressive business. I can recall being surprised when I found out that there were not only magazines all about parking, but conferences too! You have to be a part of the parking industry to appreciate how sophisticated some of the solutions are. Parking meters are only the tip of the iceberg. Many parking operations have everything from meters to enforcement methods to mobile apps to event parking – there really is no limit. Did you know that worldwide, parking is a $100 billion industry?

What do you enjoy about working at T2?

Undoubtedly the people! I work with a fantastic group of passionate and dedicated people. Working at T2 isn’t a job; it’s a career. T2 has afforded me some great opportunities and is continually developing methods of investing in and advancing its employees. T2 continually strives to improve its work culture and staff morale, which is something that I’m passionate about too.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Despite being a “girly girl”, I enjoy getting my hands dirty and doing home renovations with my husband. I find it very rewarding and get a huge sense of satisfaction from it. If I didn’t work in parking, my dream job would be an Interior Designer.



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April 21, 2020