Employee Spotlight: Angie Lorette

T2 has some of the brightest minds in the parking industry, and each employee brings a unique set of talents and experiences to the table. We thought you might like to learn more about these talented individuals. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll get to know one employee each month. This month we talked to Angie Lorette, T2 Director of Sales Operations.

Angie Lorette Where did you grow up?

I was born in Midland, ON, Canada, lived in Ottawa, ON, for 25 years, and then relocated to Vancouver, BC, 12 years ago.

What drew you to working in sales?

I have always worked in the sales industry even though my primary education was in accounting. I have experience in many different products that range from a short and direct sales cycle to a long and complex sales cycle. I am good with numbers but was drawn to and naturally successful in more direct customer engagement type of roles. I have found my skills and education in finance have always helped me to be an effective and helpful resource to internal and external customers, better understanding the fine details and intricacies that come along with complex products, sales processes, and post-sales support.

How did you end up in the parking industry?

My career prior to moving to Vancouver was in car sales. I have had a lot of people compare the two industries, including the recruiting agent and T2, who both thought I would be a good fit for the Inside Sales role. In hindsight, I feel that both industries are viewed as less technological and complex than they are, which anyone in the parking industry would know is far from true. After 2 years I became the Inside Sales Manager and after 7 years of that I became the Director of Sales Operations. I have now been with T2 for 11 glorious and exciting years.

What do you do as Director of Sales Operations for T2?

It often feels like a little (or sometimes a lot) of everything. I manage our SaaS product line renewals, quoting and order processing systems, and integrations, develop and document many department and cross department processes, review and approve order/contracts, and assist internal and external customers in various stages of pre and post sales needs.

What’s something that you think people don’t know about parking that you find interesting?

For people that are not in the parking industry, the perception so often is that implementing paid parking will reduce the traffic and revenue for stores, restaurants, etc., and hurt the immediate economy. We have seen so many success stories where the opposite is true when a good implementation is done. I find what you perceive parking to be when not in the industry is so different than what it is when you are.

What do you enjoy about working at T2?

I enjoy the consistent challenges and complexity T2 and the parking industry provide. I have learned over the years that I do not enjoy being idle and unchallenged, and there is always more than enough work to tackle and problems to solve at and for T2. Each year T2 has made significant changes and improvements in how we support our products and our customers, and I know that through good and bad, T2 always pushes forward improve on what we are today and what can be in the future.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I recently learned with my 7-year-old son that I cannot play frisbee if my life depended on it. I like to think I have a fairly well rounded skillset, but apparently throwing a frisbee to your son on purpose vs. hitting your husband in the head repeatedly (who is playing with the dog and not us) is not one of them. When your son, niece, and sister all agree after an hour that maybe you should just sit out, you know it’s bad.



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January 7, 2020