Employee Spotlight: Alicia Katopodis

T2 has some of the brightest minds in the parking industry, and each employee brings a unique set of talents and experiences to the table. We thought you might like to learn more about these talented individuals. In our Employee Spotlight series, you’ll get to know one employee each month. This month we talked to Alicia Katopodis, Product Manager – Flex/PE.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up outside of Portland in Lake Oswego, OR.

What drew you to working in product management?

I am a very empathic and compassionate person and product management is a great role to utilize those traits. I am also passionate about solving problems through innovative solutions. I enjoy learning about our customers’ goals and determining what we can do to improve their experience.

How did you end up in the parking industry?

By chance, really. I knew I wanted to work with a more complex solution, but I had no idea how complex parking could be. There is so much more to it than what you can see!

What do you do as a Product Manager for T2?

I am responsible for defining the vision, strategy, and roadmap for T2’s permit management and enforcement solutions. I meet with customers and internal teams to determine the correct product direction necessary to achieve our goals and delight our customers. I find key strategic areas in which T2 can differentiate over competitors and define and validate market requirements and a strategy that will help T2 grow.

What’s something that you think people don’t know about parking that you find interesting?

License plate recognition is a parking scofflaw’s worst enemy. I don’t think a lot of people outside of parking know how quickly and efficiently license plate recognition can enforce parking rules and catch people attempting to break those rules.

What do you enjoy about working at T2?

I work across many different teams at T2 and I appreciate how everyone is willing to work together to accomplish great things.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I am quite crafty. I love to sew, knit, and macramé.



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June 1, 2021