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City of Surrey

City of Surrey’s Parking Management Collaboration Made Possible with T2’s Luke® II Pay Stations


The City of Surrey is a rapidly growing metropolis located in British Columbia, Canada. Surrey is home to two growing universities, a booming business district, and several attractions that bring a lot of excitement and movement to the city. With the recent development of a LEED City Hall and a multi-use garage within a newly transformed city center, the City recognized an opportunity to create a new, paperless parking system that could manage all aspects of parking.
This challenge fell on Dave Harkness, Manager of Parking Services for the Surrey Parking Authority, and when looking at the needs for this new garage Dave recognized that a new approach would be required. The new system had to support the needs of 10 distinct user groups and reduce traffic bottlenecks during peak hours.

The Parking Authority was concerned with traffic Level of Service (LOS)—a qualitative measure used to categorize traffic flow. A traffic study of vehicle flow from the facility during peak hours showed a PARCS solution would cause severe traffic issues—LOS at Level E (irregular flow and rapidly varying speed, virtually no usable gaps to maneuver in the traffic stream) or Level F (every vehicle moving in lockstep with the vehicle in front of it, with frequent slowing required).
Dave and his team decided to bring together the parking industry’s best technology and service providers under a collaborative process to create a smart and friendly technology solution.

The Parking Authority’s end collaboration resulted in seven parking providers working together to integrate multiple parking management systems and technologies to provide gateless parking solution for the new 835-stall parking garage.

The Parking Authority called on T2 Systems to integrate their globally recognized Luke II pay stations into the new parking management system.


Modern Technology Making Parking Easier

Luke II pay stations are open and compatible with other industry technology, which allowed the City of Surrey to seamlessly integrate them into their parking operations. Surrey’s Luke II pay stations utilize a pay-by-plate configuration that allows parkers to easily pay for their parking with credit cards or cash by entering in their license plate number and their parking spot.

“T2 is an outstanding industry leader and being able to incorporate their Luke II pay stations into our new set of parking solutions has made all the difference for us.” Harkness said.

The City of Surrey saw immediate benefits with the successful integration of this new collaborative set of parking management solutions.

  • Zero physical permit costs saves a minimum of $6,000 annually
  • Zero permit-payment processing and account management overhead saves $12,000 annually
  • Zero incidents of theft-from-auto or theft-of-auto
  • Traffic LOS Level A (traffic flows freely at or above the posted speed limit and motorists have complete mobility between lanes)
  • Number of complaints totaling less than 50 out of over 214,000 transactions
  • Saved an estimated $750,000 over a gated solution

T2’s Luke II pay stations give the City of Surrey more power over their parking management and works with a series of industry solutions to provide a seamless, paperless parking management system that works for everyone.


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July 8, 2015