8 Tips on How to Make the Most of T2 Virtual Connect



Although we all wish that T2 Connect could be in person this year, we are committed to making Virtual Connect 2020 as informative and useful as conferences in years past. During these unprecedented times, we know it is easy to get distracted and disconnect, so we wanted to provide some useful tips on how to make the most of T2 Virtual Connect.

T2 is committed to you, but we need you to make the most out of the experience. Show up and use these tips and tricks!


Make a Plan & Goals

Given the flexibility of a virtual event, it is important to have a plan. Be sure to know the times of the sessions you want to attend and the ones that will be most useful for your company. It’s also helpful to set some goals. What do you want to take away from T2 Virtual Connect? How will the takeaways affect you and the way your organization operates?

Minimize Distractions

Interruptions happen, but it is important that distractions are minimized. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the most important comment throughout the entire event because you’re checking an email or Slack message. Block off your calendar and utilize automatic replies on your email.

Familiarize Yourself with Resources

T2 will be using a few different tools to make the event as accessible as possible. Be aware of all the tools and be sure to use them!


Be an Active Participant

Besides being an active listener, take it a step further and participate! Ask questions. Utilize the chat. Be active on social media.

Make Connections

We want Virtual Connect to feel as natural as possible, and we want you to connect with us and other attendees. Attend the virtual happy hours and other events offered!

Utilize “Do Not Disturb”

On the same note as minimizing distractions, use “Do Not Disturb” on all your devices during the event. There will be time in the morning, in-between sessions, and in the evening to check email and social media, but during the sessions is not the time.

Use the Resources Provided During the Event

The resources are there for your benefit, so be sure to use them!


Continue the Conversation

Share your key takeaways with T2 and with other attendees! Also be sure to follow and stay up to date with us on social media.

Most importantly, don’t forget why you are attending Virtual Connect 2020. Listen, learn, connect, and have fun!


For more information on T2 Connect or to register for our first-ever virtual conference, visit T2ConnectOnline.com.



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July 21, 2020