CAB Corner: Cameron Neufeld

In CAB Corner, we ask a member of our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to share some insights about their life as a parking professional.


In this edition, we caught up with Cameron Neufeld, Manager, Parking and Transportation Demand Management at the University of Manitoba.

How did you end up in the parking industry?

By fluke. I was a free agent and applied on several jobs, but an interview with Impark convinced me that I would enjoy the challenge of a career in parking, so I took a chance and 9 years later I’m still in parking!


What excites you about working in parking?

The challenge of creating a positive culture and customer service experience in an industry largely looked upon as negative by the public.


What’s been the biggest challenge of your career?

Managing the politics of parking in a University environment.


What’s the best advice you’ve received?

It sounds cheesy, but “do something you’re scared of everyday” stuck with me. I used to procrastinate on things I thought would be difficult or uncomfortable. Since I’ve stopped that, I’ve become a lot more efficient.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I’m holding my breath until we finally go permitless on campus. It’s been a long road to get there, but this year will be the year!



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April 12, 2018